We always love having C.W. Hood projects at the dock together, and when they’re both Jarvis Newman yachts, it’s a match made in heaven!

Lionfish, at left in this photo taken at the Marblehead town dock, is a Jarvis Newman 46 built in 1978 by Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Company. She was launched last week after undergoing an extensive refit at C.W. Hood Yachts.

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Two Jarvis Newman sisters at the Marblehead town dock

Two Jarvis Newman sisters at the Marblehead town dock


Coach Nick Burke leads the team to the starting line

Recently, we had the chance to take the Marblehead High School Sailing Team for a sail on four CW Hood 32 Daysailers. This was the first time we have had four boats in the harbor at the same time since we began building them two years ago!

With the kids on board enjoying the afternoon (not much wind) I began thinking how many sailing teams have the opportunity to sail something different from their regimented training on their 420’s? Nick Burns, the MHS Sailing Coach wanted the team to experience something different while hopefully learning something.

Often when I was a youngster, I would look at just about every design and wonder how that particular boat performed. I suppose you can’t sail them all, but why not have the chance to sail as many as you can?

Marblehead has an incredible array of sailing designs moored here every summer. The range of age and designer is really incredible. There are wood boats that date back to the 50’s and early fiberglass boats that date back to the late 60’s. Ocean racers from the SORC days, a couple of old 12 meters, performance cruisers from my Uncle Ted’s design boards, designs by Bill Shaw, Augie Nielson, Ray Hunt, Olin Stephens, Charlie Morgan, Ted Irwin to name a few of the recent masters. And then there is the plethora of newer designs from the Johnstones, Bruce Farr, Dave Pedrick and neighbors Doug Zurn, Jim Taylor, Dieter Empacher, and many more. No harbor collection like it!

So how lucky are these kids to be sailing in Marblehead Harbor? Very lucky from a historical perspective. There is more recent sailing history here than can be taught in a year. Giving the team the exposure to try something different will hopefully give them a new perspective and a desire to know more about why one particular design is different from another.

And one important thing I did notice; their enthusiasm and happy thoughts about being on the water were infectious. I wish we could get more kids out for this kind of new experience.

Clearly the weather showed them that they could in fact make the best of the conditions. They had to be creative about thinking of ways to make a boat sail when there is only a breadth of air. Now that’s a challenge for anyone! You will see from the photos that they had lots of fun!

Thank you MHS sailors for coming aboard. We all enjoyed the day. Don’t be bashful. Stop by the yard for a visit and lets plan to go sailing again in the spring!


/ C.W. Hood Yachts Debut the CW Hood 32 Daysailer with PODMaster™ 2.0 External Electric Propulsion Drive from Mastervolt ™ at the 2012 Newport International Boat Show..

Maine Boatbuilders Show

April 2, 2012

Custom bench

Fiberglass and teak cockpit bench, part our our new Custom by Hood carpentry department. Does your boat need a little something special?

We had a great time up in Portland at the Maine Boatbuilders Show. Thank you to everyone who came to see us!CW Hood Yachts booth CW Hood 32 at the Maine Boatbuilders Show


Come see us at the New England Boat Show in Boston, February 11-19!

Vern Urlich

February 13, 2012

Vern Urlich

Vern Urlich is proud to be combining his passion for yachting and boat design, his dedication to his clients and his sales expertise as he joins the CW Hood Yacht Brokerage (and we are excited to have him!). Vern is an avid sailor and angler. He grew up on a small coastal farm in the Bay Of Islands, New Zealand. After graduating from Whangarei Technical Institute, where majored in Marine and Auto Mechanics, Vern relocated to Sydney, Australia. He served in the Australian Army Air Dispatch Corps at the Royal Australian Airforce Base in Richmond, NSW for 3 years prior to working in the marine industry.

While in Australia, Vern sailed on numerous Maxi Yachts including Freight Train, Condor Of Bermuda and Bobsled. Among the smaller yachts were Love and War, very well known, and the BOC yacht Spirit of Sydney. All based at the Cruising Yacht Club Of Australia. He then moved to the States and began working in real estate sales, building a loyal client base during the last 18 years at Harborside Realty, also based in Marblehead. Vern and Joe work together to bring you the best possible brokerage experience.


An opportunity to get involved! Work with CW Hood Yachts restoring a 1972 HiLiner Sportsman to bring life back to a famously classic 1970 design.

The Sportsman will receive a new gasoline or diesel inboard/outboard depending on owners preference, new Awlgrip inside and out, new hardware, wiring, pumps, upholstery, etc. When she is complete this HiLiner Sportsman will be perfect in every way and better than the day she was built. Guaranteed to turn heads in every harbor she’s in.

The HiLiner is being brought back into production by Beach Island Boatworks and will be engineered and managed by the CW Hood Yachts Design and Build team. We are looking for a customer to work with us to restore this Sportsman so we will have a demo boat for boat shows. In return we will discount the cost of materials and labor for restoration.

If you are looking for an exciting restoration project and interested in working with experts in the field to create a special runabout, please let us know.

Length including drive: 23’6″
Beam: 8′
Height from waterline: 4’3″
Weight, equipped – no fuel: 2695 lbs